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Environmental Systems Service, Ltd. (ESS) has an experienced staff of environmental scientists qualified to conduct training to meet client needs.  Environmental program training includes but is not limited to:



Water and Wastewater Operator Training




February 13, 2019 - Water Treatment Processes

ESS/Culpeper, Virginia

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For water and wastewater operators, training is a necessary step for obtaining an initial license and is a mandatory requirement for license renewal.  Failure to attain the required training certification results in non-renewal of an operator’s license.


Environmental Systems Service, Ltd. (ESS) has 44 years of experience in the water and wastewater treatment field.  We have applied our experience in the industry to develop and deliver training designed to cover the technical aspects of treatment operations, maintenance, and associated sampling and testing. 


Course topics include:

  • Introduction to Wastewater Treatment
  • Basic Math
  • Basic Operating Procedures
  • Extended Aeration Activated Sludge
  • Fixed Film Biological Processes
  • Advanced Treatment Processes
  • Process Control and Trouble Shooting
  • Plant Unit Processes
  • Process Control Math (Treatment Formula Sheets included)
  • Plant Upset Causes and Indicators
  • Process Control Remedial Activities
  • Regulatory Overview
  • Laboratory Compliance Tests
  • Wastewater Equipment
  • Chemical Application for Coagulation & Precipitation
  • Chemical Handling & Feed Equipment
  • Determination of Dose & Feed Rates
  • Chemical Handling Safety
  • Basic Wastewater Safety


ESS conducts training at our Culpeper facility and various other locations, and is currently scheduling classes for the upcoming year.  If travel is an issue, ESS can conduct training at the client’s site.

Contact to inquire about the next training event.


Initial Demonstration of Capabilities (IDC) & Certification of Operator Competency (COC) Training


As set forth by the Department of Environmental Quality on September 12, 2007, Initial Demonstration of Capabilities (IDC) or Certification of Operator Competency (COC) must be successfully completed by all wastewater treatment facility analysts/operators.  The following criteria are required for an analyst/operator to successfully complete the IDC or COC:


  • The procedure must be documented, done only once per analyst per method, redone if there is a change in the analyst/operator or method.
  • The analyst/operator must analyze 4 replicates of an independent check sample of a known concentration.
  • The analyst/operator must recover 90%-110% for each replicate (SM 18th or 19th Ed.) or 80%-120% for each replicate (SM 20th or 21st Ed.)


The Department of Environmental Quality requires that an IDC or COC be performed on total residual chlorine and pH. 

 Contact to inquire about training.


Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Compliance Training


Fats, oils and greases (FOG) are a significant concern for municipal operations of wastewater collection systems and wastewater treatment plants.  When not disposed of properly, FOG components congeal and accumulate along the walls of the sanitary sewers.

Problems include:

  • Pipe construction
  • Impeded flow of wastewater
  • Increased potential for sewer blockage
  • Pump station operations are impaired
  • Sewage accumulates in wet wells

Any of these situations can eventually result in a sanitary sewer overflow in which wastewater enters homes and businesses.

This is both an environmental issue and a public health concern, in which sewage can contaminate the ground, local bodies of water, and any property with which the wastewater comes into contact.

ESS can assist with FOG problems by:

  • Training and Best Management Practices
  • FOG Waste Discharge Permit Application
  • Sample collection and analysis
  • Assistance with Regulatory Compliance

FOG training is also offered in Spanish.


Contact to inquire about training.


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